Hello Everyone,

Recently I appeared for CKAD exam and scored 82%. This is actually a good feeling as CKAD exam is not an easy nut to crack. It requires a lots of practice and clarity in k8s concepts.

Passing percentage for this exam is 66%. This article focuses on how and from where you may prepare for CKAD.


Here are the resources that I have used to practice for this exam. It took me a weekends time to prepare. I been working on k8s for a while now so it was not that difficult for me to revise all…

I got a call from one of my friend who was struggling looking for a playbook which can help him automate the deployment of k8s cluster on ubuntu 18.04.


This article will talk about how can we use the Helm to deploy the same k8s resource multiple times within one chart without having multiple charts or multiple templates in the same chart.

We are going to use the helm range achieve that.

Example Scenario:

We have to create multiple pvc of different size and name.

Typical way of solving above problem is to create the multiple pvc templates and use it. But other way and I figure out more easy and structured way of doing it with no too much hassle is using helm range functionality and the fact…

I am working on a project where we want to create the k8s secrets via our service. By default k8s pods can not access the cluster. If you want to access the cluster you need to use k8s concept called as ServiceAccount.

In this post I am not going to explain what is serviceAccount or any k8s related concept. I am simply gonna share the steps I have followed to make it work.

To give cluster access to your pod you need to have 3 things already setup:

  1. ServiceAccount
  2. k8s role
  3. RoleBinding

yaml file to create serviceaccount, let’s call this…

Anand Totala

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